AirBerth Boat Lifts

Australian based AirBerth Boat Lifts are widely regarded as the world’s best floating boat lift system.

Designed and engineered to moor mono hull planning vessels and power catamarans out of the harsh marine environment, The AirBerth system is leading the way with innovation. The hassles and expensive maintenance costs are eliminated for the boat owner leaving them free to enjoy an enhanced boating experience.

Established back in 1999, the AirBerth brand is well established and trusted by recreational boat owners as well as leading Government and Professional organisations around the world. Some of the many global organisations that AirBerth have a proud association with are as follows; Australian Customs, Marine Recuse NSW, Australian Coast Guard, Roads & Maritime NSW, Parks & Wildlife QLD, Water Police – Australia, Department of Planning and Infrastructure – Australia, Port Authorities – Australia, Sea Rescue – SA & WA, Air Services Australia, US Coast Guard, US Navy, Coastkeeper Fountain California – US, Harbor Patrol – US, Fire & Aviation Response – California – US, Singapore Water Police, Singapore Airport Authority, Malaysian Fire Department, NATO – Europe, RNLI – UK, Water Police UK and RTA Dubai – UAE, to name just a sample.

The AirBerth system is constructed entirely using HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), this robust material is ideal in the marine environment as it is non-corrosive and has the highest UV stability. Internationally recognised as an environmentally friendly product, the AirBerth system enables boat owners to eliminate the need to use anti-fouling paints.

There are 9 standard models within our range from 2,300kgs (5,000lbs) up to 15,000kgs (33,000lbs). The AirBerth Boat Lift range is successfully exported around the world to over 30 countries at present.

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