Poly Flex Group Pty Ltd

Poly Flex Group Pty Ltd manufactures a large range of Anti-vibration Engine Mounting Systems and Shaft Couplings for the Marine, Agricultural, Mining and Power Generation Industries.
Since commencing in 1981, Poly Flex Group Pty Ltd has developed an extensive range of anti-vibration mounting systems, marine shaft couplings, rudder bearings, hull to deck joining systems and CNC machined steel shaft couplings along with an increasing range of customised polymer mouldings.
They continue to have increasing success with their Shaft Couplings range along with the mounts and couplings that they have developed over the years to improve the boating experience for all types of vessels and working conditions in other industries.
Poly Flex products are moulded from engineering grade, heat cured polymer alloys which are long lasting, resistant to oil and fuel and are all manufactured to the highest standard with performance and quality at the top of the list.