SEAir is based in Lorient (Brittany, France) and is a key player in the boat industry due to its expertise in foiling sailing yachts and motor boats.

SEAir’s founding idea is that hydrofoil technology should not remain the preserve of seasoned skippers, but be made more mainstream.

We did not invent the foil, which is over a hundred years old, but we believe it to be of crucial importance in an elaborate ecosystem, while others see it more as a carbon part that you add to a boat.

SEAir makes alterations to existing boats and also designs the boats of the future, alone or in partnership with boat builders.

We innovate constantly and develop a wide range of components with the purpose of making foiling simple, affordable and within everyone’s reach.

SEAir’s foil blocks© are mainly for 5 to 12 meters boats. Their success gave rise to the marketing of the Flying Tender, available since 2017.

SEAir has over fifteen employees including architects, engineers, technicians, and preparateurs, all with one feature in common, the desire to get boats airborne using agile methods in a constantly evolving company!

SEAir has a strong entrepreneurial spirit. This has a lot to do with the feeling that everyone has their place and the great pride in having achieved a few world firsts!