Photos courtesy of Incat CrowtherIncat Crowther has announced the launch of Grey Lady IV, the fourth catamaran ferry designed by Incat Crowther and built by Gladding Hearn for Hyline Cruises of Hyannis, Massachusetts.

The new vessel was commissioned in response to increased ridership and a passenger preference for a fast service with better amenity, and is an evolutionary step from the three previous vessels from the designer / builder collaboration. The 47m catamaran is the largest in the fleet with additional passenger capacity, an increased luggage space and a VIP lounge.

The capacity increase was at odds with docking constraints, which enforced upper limits on both the length and beam of the vessel. In the face of these challenges, Incat Crowther proposed moving the wheelhouse to a third deck, freeing up the front end of the second deck for VIP passengers. Balancing the extra deck’s weight with increased capacity and amenity of the passenger spaces, Incat Crowther were able to propose a design that met performance and revenue requirements. The VIP cabin has a superb forward facing view which is the only such cabin on a fast ferry serving the route.

With the increased passenger capacity and the addition of a service class, special attention was given to boarding arrangements and passenger flow. A mid deck boarding door was added and both forward and aft. Stair towers arranged in an efficient manner improve passenger flow and improve turnaround times. Passengers who board over the bow are served by a stair tower from the main deck cabin, via the mid deck to the outdoor roof deck. The arrangement not only improves passenger flow, it adds a further dimension to Hyline’s segregated passenger and luggage movements by giving VIP passengers a dedicated access as well.

Designed to perform at a service speed of 30 knots, Grey Lady IV is powered by a quartet of Cummins (CMI) QSK60-M main engines. With a rating of 1641kW each, they were selected to be run at a modest engine speeds in day to day running, with reduced wear and tear and increased time between overhauls. The rating allows the vessel to maintain its service schedule on three engines.

Specifications- 48m Catamaran Passenger Ferry

Principal Dimensions
Length Overall
157’ 7” / 48.0m
Length Waterline
150’ / 45.7m
Beam Overall
34’ 6” / 10.5m
Draft (hull)
6’ 11” / 2.1m
14’ 1” / 4.3m
Marine grade aluminium
Fuel Oil
4000 gallons / 15 000 litres
Fresh Water
660 gallons / 2 500 litres
660 gallons / 2 500 litres
Propulsion and Performance
Speed (Service)
35 knots
Speed (Max)
30 knots
Main Engines
4 x Cummins QSK60-M EPA Tier 3
4 x 1641kW @ 1800rpm
4 x Hamilton HM721 waterjets
2 x Cummins QSB7-D (M) EPA Tier 3
Class / Survey
USCG Subchapter K


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