Thinking about taking on an employee, but not sure what you have to do?

To help you understand the government requirements you need to meet as an employer, take a look at our new Taking on an employee checklist.

How can the checklist help me?

As an employer, you need to meet a range of state and federal laws. These laws set out wages and conditions, tax and super requirements, and insurance for your employees.

So that you don’t have to search around for information on how these laws can apply to you, we’ve brought them all together into one checklist. This means you can spend more of your precious time on your business, and less time on government websites.

What’s in the checklist?

The Taking on an employee checklist:

  • goes through the requirements you need to consider when taking on an employee, such as:
    • Can your employee legally work in Australia?
    • Are you paying the correct wages and entitlements?
    • What tax do you need to deduct from your employee’s pay? What about super?
    • What accident and sickness insurance do you need to organise?
  • links you to information and free tools, such as templates and calculators, to help you understand what you need to do.

Who should use the checklist?

This checklist can help you if:

  • you’re about to take on an employee
  • you have employees already and want to confirm you’ve met all government requirements.

SOURCE;   April 2016