Current ATM View – RFT2015-0335

Pontoon Link Structure

ATM ID RFT2015-0335

Agency Department of Defence – DSRG

Category:              30200000 – Prefabricated structures

Close Date & Time:           21-Jan-2016 2:00 pm (ACT Local time)

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Publish Date:       10-Dec-2015

Location: Sydney

ATM Type:          Request for Tender

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Multi Agency Access       No

Panel Arrangement        No


The Defence Science & Technology Group (DST Group), Maritime Division, (MD) Eveleigh operates an Underwater Acoustic Research facility at Woronora Dam, south of Sydney.

This facility consists of two moored pontoons, each of which has a hut for housing electronic equipment, as well as telescopic towers for lowering hydrophones or heavy objects into the water in order to undertake acoustic measurements.

Other Instructions          

A Site Visit will be conducted at Woronora Dam commencing at 11:00am local time in New South Wales on the 17th December 2015.  Nominations to attend by 11.00am on the 15th December 2015 local time in New South Wales is required.

Please refer to Conditions of Tender Clause 2.7.1 for further instructions.

Conditions for Participation        

The Commonwealth will exclude a tender from further consideration if the Commonwealth considers that the tenderer does not comply with:

a. the Minimum Content and Format requirements as specficed in the Conditions of Tender clause 5.3.1; and

b. the Essential Requirements as specified in the Conditions of Tender clause 5.5.1.

Timeframe for Delivery

28th May 2016

Address for Lodgement       

Contact Officer Deidre Casey

Phone Number 08 7383 0156

Email Address