The Australian Commercial Marine Group (ACMG) is pleased to announce the successful merger with the Commercial Vessels Association (CVA). Following a resounding vote in September the CVA has now officially become an integral part of ACMG, marking a significant milestone in maritime industry.

The Commercial Vessels Association, with its roots firmly planted in New South Wales, has been a steadfast advocate for the interests of commercial vessel operators. Specializing in operations on Sydney Harbour and extending its influence throughout regional NSW, the CVA encompasses a diverse range of operators, including ferry services, tour and party boats, houseboats, whale and dolphin watching ventures, and fishing charters.

The association played a pivotal role in advocating for the Marine Tourism and Charter Vessels Award, influencing crew pay and conditions to accommodate the demanding 7-day-a-week operations of the tourism sector. Additionally, the CVA has been at the forefront of shaping policies at the state level, focusing on safety, environmental sustainability, and critical infrastructure development.

With the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) now overseeing the regulation of domestic commercial vessels, the decision for the CVA to transition into a national body became imperative. The merger with ACMG was identified as the most seamless and effective pathway for this transition, fostering stronger connections with designers, manufacturers, repairers, and service providers already within the ACMG community.

This collaboration signifies a united front for the maritime industry, bringing together the expertise and advocacy efforts of both organizations. The integration of CVA into ACMG will not only enhance the benefits for existing members but also bolster the lobbying capabilities of the group at both the New South Wales and Federal Government levels.

A new committee has been formed of the following members;

Nick Lester, SeaLink – NSW – Chairperson

Andrew Stirzaker, Taranto Marine – NSW

Brad Marsden, Marine Air Flow – QLD

Christoph Becker, AYRES Composite Panels – WA

Colin Thwaites, Sydney Princess Cruises – NSW

Daniel Da Silva, Any Boat – NSW

Dan Hanoumis, Boatlife Boat Club – NSW

Darren Dench, Marine Window Services – QLD

James McArthur, Moonshadow – TQC Cruises – NSW

Tommy Ericson, Aus Ships Group – QLD

Brendan Cooley, IMS – WA

Ann Balzan, Sea Sydney Harbour – NSW

Newly elected Chairperson Nick Lester, Sealink said “The Commercial Vessel Association has represented tourism, transport and charter vessels in Sydney and New South Wales for almost 40 years.  The amalgamation with the ACMG brings a cohort of like-minded vessel operators, shipbuilders, infrastructure specialists and manufacturers together to support our members with more excellent industrywide advocacy to ensure the growth and development of Australia’s brilliant maritime industry.”

ACMG extends a warm welcome to all members of the Commercial Vessels Association, as together, we set sail towards a stronger, more unified maritime community.