18 February 2016

The Australian Government has today initiated the development of a second stage of its anti-dumping reforms with the commissioning of a report on the impact of Asian steel makers in the Australian market.

Announcing the beginning of the next stage of reform and the report into Asian steel makers, Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science Christopher Pyne said that the Government strongly supports free trade and open markets, but free trade must also be fair trade.

“In recent times I have expressed my ongoing concern about the negative impact Asian steel and aluminium markets are having on Australian manufacturers,” Mr Pyne said. 

“Accordingly I have asked the Anti-Dumping Commissioner to prepare a report which will:

  • identify trends in dumping and circumvention behaviour in Asian steel and aluminium markets
  • identify existing dumping duties across all steel and aluminium products
  • make recommendations on the most effective measures where there is evidence of these activities.

“The findings of the report, expected to be delivered in early April, will inform the next tranche of anti-dumping reforms.

“Input into the reforms from stakeholders will also be critical so we’ll be out seeking feedback and ideas from Australian industry groups, manufacturers and producers over the coming months,” he said.  

Trading practices like systemic dumping, circumvention and subsidies are unfair on Australian businesses. When they occur, Australian law provides for remedies consistent with World Trade Organization agreements.

Tranche one of the anti-dumping reforms, implemented last year are already having an impact.

The reforms have also increased pressure on uncooperative exporters, established a new investigations unit which is up and running and provided additional support to Australian businesses engaging with the anti-dumping system.

The reforms also addressed the practice of overseas businesses that avoid paying dumping duties by slightly modifying their products and improved the way the Anti-Dumping Review Panel undertakes merits review of anti-dumping decisions.

The newly-established Anti-Dumping Information Service (ADIS), within the Anti-Dumping Commission, will prepare the steel and aluminium report.

Source: Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science