Australian ship repair specialists BSE Maritime Solutions today announced the establishment of an additional BSE dockyard facility which will be located at The Yard Brisbane marine precinct. The new facility will be known as BSE Brisbane Shiplifts, joining BSE Brisbane Slipways and BSE Cairns Slipways full service dockyards under the BSE Maritime Solutions brand.

From May 2015 BSE will be able to offer customers the additional options of docking their vessels with 300 tonne and 600 tonne Marine Travelifts, serviced by BSE Brisbane Shiplift’s 1,400 square meter workshop. The other facilities at The Yard Brisbane such as the refit sheds up to 90 meters long are also available should they be required.

According to BSE’s Managing Director Justin Parer “My intention with establishing a third BSE facility is to provide customers with additional docking options and to free up space on our larger 2,500 tonne Brisbane slipway. My team and I want to make BSE not just reliable but also easier to use and the addition of this new facility is a further step towards this goal.

With three full service dockyard facilities now on the East Coast of Australia, I believe that our skilled team have the resources, capabilities and flexibility to satisfy the toughest of ship repair challenges and meet the tightest of deadlines and budgets for our commercial, defence, luxury yacht and tourism vessel customers”.

BSE Brisbane Shiplifts

BSE Brisbane Shiplifts

For further information contact Business Development Manager Denis Maher