Although the Japanese manufacturing company has been in business since the early 1920s, it produced its first outboard motor in in 1956, the 1.5hp OB-1, which was also the first outboard to be manufactured in Japan.

Today the company manufactures a wide range of two-stroke, four-stroke and TLDI (Two stroke Low pressure Direct Injection) engines. Its production plant in Komagane City is one of the largest in the world and, in 2014, the group reached a production milestone of 3.5 million units with the capacity to put out 200,000 units per year.


Over the past two years Tohatsu has concentrated on adding to and developing it’s mid-range four stroke models. These include the MFS40/50A, billed as the lightest, most efficient and torque-packed model in its class, and the MFS25/30C which was developed from the first battery-less EFI outboard, the MFS30B.

After six decades as an outboard manufacturer, Tohatsu has come a long way since the days when, in its own words, many people believed that “paddling is faster” than an engine.

Today it is continuing to develop, innovate and distribute outboards that meet an ever-changing market with a smart, superior advanced product range.

Source: Marine Business