Shipyards will be monetarily rewarded for using the design services of Turkish firms. New regulations that support Turkish yacht and ship design have been published in the Turkish Official Journal, Resmi Gazete.

According to new legislation, the Turkish government will pay local yacht- and ship-builders a maximum US$200,000 over a five-year period for using the design services of Turkish firms. The new regulation also provides financial support to the designer and engineering staff at yacht- and ship-building companies, provided the number of foreign workers does not exceed two people.

Only one project will be supported per company, and applications must be made directly with the Turkish Ministry of Economy. Interested companies should call the Ministry service hotline on 444 43 63. This regulation is the result of efforts by the Turkish Chamber of Naval Engineers, which plans to organise related seminars to increase awareness of local firms.

Turkish yacht designer Selahattin Üldaş says that with this support, “design culture” will improve in Turkey. Small yacht builders tend to only work with naval engineers and ignore yacht designers, but now, with governmental support, yacht design will be more appreciated.

Emre Şandan, the shipyard manager of Sarp Yacht (winner of a 2015 International Yacht & Aviation Award in the 40m-plus category with the Sarp 46 and the 40m and below category with the Classic 40m) says the regulation will positively influence yacht-building budgets and will increase research and development activities.

He adds that shipyards will work with local designers instead of foreigners to benefit from the regulation.